The Jaffna Library which sparked a civil war in Sri Lanka | ⁣யாழ் நூலக எரிப்பு ஆவணம்

Nanni Chozhan
Nanni Chozhan
15 May 2021

⁣Tamil Library (2009): The burning of a Tamil library may have been the catalyst for the decades-long Civil War in Sri Lanka.

⁣After 26 long years of bloodshed, the Sri Lankan government has finally defeated the Tamil Tigers. But did the destruction of a treasured Tamil library 30 years ago help spark Sri Lanka’s civil war?

Jaffna's public library was revered in the Tamil community. But when 3 Sinhalese police were shot in 1981, the library was torched in revenge. ‘"The burning was a Tamil cultural genocide," tells Former Municipal Commissioner C.V.K. Sivagnanum. The library has now been rebuilt but many Tamils feel it's an attempt to whitewash the past. ‘"They had made a clear, planned effort to eradicate the historic event."

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