Tamil Tiger Guerrillas Divide Sri Lanka 2002 | ⁣ஒரு தீவு இரு மாநிலம்

Nanni Chozhan
Nanni Chozhan
15 May 2021

⁣இங்கு வரும் காட்சிகள் யாவும் வட தமிழீழத்தில் படமாக்கப்பட்டவையாகும்.

Tiger Territory (2002) - The renewed threat of Tamil Tiger violence will add yet more strain to Sri Lanka's war-weary population.

⁣Row upon row of makeshift graves at the crematorium in Puthukudiyirrppu are proof of the bloody nature of the war here. For the 3 decades, the Tigers have waged a battle with the government for a separate Tamil state. The reality of years of isolation in Tamil - controlled territory is that "almost two states within a state" have been created. Two decades of tireless fighting have left a population without food, medicine, fuel or education.

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