Sri Lanka's Ruthless Anti-Terrorism Campaign

Nanni Chozhan
Nanni Chozhan
15 May 2021

⁣Hunting the Tigers (2009): In their desperation to hunt the Tamil Tigers the Sri Lanka army has confined thousands of innocent civilians to de-facto prison camps.

⁣After years of bitter fighting, the Tamil Tigers are finally surrounded and the army is moving in for the kill. But what will happen to the 200,000 Tamil civilians still trapped between the warring sides?

Razor wires surround what looks like a prison camp. Thousands of Tamil civilians have been moved to so-called ‘relief villages’. "‘I would be very careful about talking to people here because it could mean trouble for them,"’ an MSF worker warns us. Although they are officially refugees, Tamil civilians are considered potential terrorists and are not free to leave. As the government tightens its control over the press, no independent journalists are allowed near the frontline. ‘"You have to remember we are fighting with the largest terrorist group in the world,"’ says the Defence Secretary.

credit: journeyman

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