161#ReleasePerarivalan - Tamil Rap Song ft.VijayManza | #ArputhamAmmal | #PerarivalanlMusicVideo

20 Nov 2020

Original Video: ⁣https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuVh2LTY0Zo

⁣This innocent man who was arrested at 19 is incarcerated for 30 years. Not many believed his claim of innocence until an IPS officer who took the confession revealed an error. It was further substantiated by a Senior Judge who gave judgment; and prison officials, and so forth. But it never shook the conscience of the nation as it should have when the revelation happened in 2013.

This musical video is an expression of the generation that was born after the assassination. This generation wonders how could a man be held against his human right for 30 years, even though an investigating officer reveals the error in the confession statement. This generation knows what is Police capable of, and has witnessed one of the longest struggle of a lonely woman Arputham Ammal, who continues her fight for justice.

Her strenuous journey is powered by the fact that her son is an Innocent, and as she stands vindicated by many other officials and society too now.

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